Sophie (Anymore - The Woodlands)
Maryah Marymotto (Psycho - The Sonics)
Poisoned Fetish (Relax, Frankie goes to Hollywood)
Alexa Starr (Turn the world around, - Gordon Pagoda)

TA$HYcat (Every Time - Pi.E)

Angel White (Don't Stop - Aaron J. Trumm)

Laura Saint Claire (Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence) 

Lena Missfit (Mumford & Sons - I will wait)

Vero Villares (Led Zeppelin - Rock & Roll)

Virginia (Jessie J. - Domino)

Zatanikdoll (Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush - Don't give up)

M.F. (Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt)

Nery Eagle (Korn Feat. Skrillex - Get Up)

Scarlet Devine (Angelo Badalamenti - Blue Velvet)

Johi (El Barrio - De Lobo a cordero) 

Katheryna (Chris Isaak - Baby did a bad thing)

Ayana Sato (Rock Mafia - Fly or Die)

Mara Mayhem (The Brightwinds - 4th of July)

Marian Ann (Imelda May - It's good to be alive)

Mistrix (Jeff Buckley - Lover should have come over)

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